About Us

The Association “Union of Nonalcoholic Industry in Bulgaria” is a legal non-profit organization, founded and registered under the terms and in order of the Law for the non-profit corporate bodies.

The Association realize activities for private benefits pointed at protection of the rights and the interests of the nonalcoholic industry in Bulgaria and particularly – enterprises producing and bottling nonalcoholic drinks, mineral, spring and table waters as well as the industry for producing of stuffs and materials necessary for the bottling industry and any commercial activity connected with the market realization of goods at the sector. The activity of the Association is subordinate to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the normative order of the European Community.


The means for achieving the main objectives of the Association are:

1) Supporting activities related to the production, the distribution and the realization of bottled waters and nonalcoholic drinks as well as the stuffs and the materials requisite for their production.

2) Actions concerning the achievement of concessions and preferences for the nonalcoholic industry in Bulgaria.

3) Organizing and disseminating of presentations and other events in the country and abroad, related to the development of the nonalcoholic industry; providing an information to assist the members of the Association in the management and the technical progress of their activities; assist the members of the Association in their collaboration with companies producers of stuffs and equipment for the nonalcoholic industry.

4) Realizing activity and taking measures for save the environment and also – measures with the purpose to reduce the negative impact of the production to the environment and the population health.

5) Maintaining a summary information and analyses for the development of the nonalcoholic branch.

6) Establishment and maintaining contacts with ministries and departments, educational institutions and institutions with a view to assist the activity of the members of the Association.

7) Development of the collaboration with other national, european and international organizations who pursue similar goals.

8) Participation in national, european and international programs and projects who contribute for the achievement of the goals of the Association. 

9) Construction of an appropriate informational fund related to the realized activity (library, database, informational laboratory etc.)

10) Informing the public about the manifestations of the Association and other activities accomplished according to the objectives of the Association.

11) Organizing and participating in conferences and other forums on themes related to the objectives of the Association.

Union of Nonalcoholic Industry in BulgariaСъюз на Безалкохолната промишленост в България