On October 15 a cocktail-presentation of UNIB was organized

Posted on Nov.11.2015 by Мария Тръпкова

On October 15 a cocktail-presentation of UNIB was organized

On 15th of October, 2015, at “Sportela” restaurant, Ovcha kupel, city of Sofia the Association “Union of Nonalcoholic Industry in Bulgaria” organized his first public event in the form of a cocktail-presentation of the Union.

The meeting began with a presentation of UNIB presented by the President of the Governing Council – Mina Nikolova-Angelova. Consequently, all the guests presented briefly the companies they represent.

A lively discussion about the presented materials was realized. They shared experience, current projects, achievements and difficulties. They discussed areas of cooperation through the exchange of information and good practices, visitations, meetings, opportunities for realization of common projects.

The President – Mina Nikolova-Angelova and the members of the Governing Council – Armen Mnatsakanov and Vasil Stoimenov thanked everyone who helped for the progress of the Association with his activities. They noted the actual results achieved so far and also – they explained the most important goals in the near future.

The representatives of the companies who had visit the cocktail had the opportunity to taste delicacies of the chefs, to take a sip of selected drinks and mainly – enjoy the good company in the face of their colleagues from the industry. 

Union of Nonalcoholic Industry in BulgariaСъюз на Безалкохолната промишленост в България