Who could become a member

The membership at the Association is voluntary.

A member of the Association could be every able-bodied natural or juridical person who share the goals of the Association and the means for their achievement and also – who is ready to perform the obligations related to the membership and who: is producing nonalcoholic drinks on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria; is an importer or an official representative of nonalcoholic drinks on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria; is a dealer of raw materials, machines and services for the production of nonalcoholic drinks and other key partners for the nonalcoholic industry.

Natural persons – owners of majority parts from juridical persons with object of activities falling under the membership requirements could be members at the Association only through these juridical persons.

The members of the Association are accepted from the General Assembly. The person who wants to be accepted as a member of the Association submit a written request to the Governing Council with a written declaration that he/she accept the Charter of the Association and meet the obligation to respect it. After the acceptance of the request, the Governing Council call a General Meeting for an examination of the request and an acceptance or a refusal for the accepting of the person applied for a new member.

The order for declare a desire for a membership is defined with a solution of the General Assembly and it is, also published on the web site of the Association.

Union of Nonalcoholic Industry in BulgariaСъюз на Безалкохолната промишленост в България